Accessibility Information

Clinton County Public Transit Wheelchair Lift Capacities

All CCPT buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ADA accessible ramps. Any passenger who would prefer to use the wheelchair lift or ramp instead of the stairs can do so. Please ask the driver and they will operate the lift or ramp. It is the responsibility of the passenger, or the passenger’s personal care attendant to ensure that the individual requesting use of the lift or ramp is able to get on/off the lift or ramp. CCPT drivers are not permitted to touch an individual’s mobility device except when securing it using the provided restraints on the CCPT buses. All personal care attendants for individuals in mobility devices are able to ride CCPT buses for free while providing personal care services.

Wheelchair Lift Capacities: All CCPT Braun Lifts have a 1,000 (one-thousand) pound lift capacity

Mobility Device Securement

All mobility devices must be secured using the bus’s securement system whether the device is occupied or not, for the safety of all CCPT passengers. (Neither a passenger nor mobility device will be denied transportation if the device cannot be secured, but a passenger CAN BE denied transportation if they REFUSE to let the mobility device be secured. We recommend that a passenger in a mobility device make use of the lap belt and shoulder harness provided at the securement station. If you would like assistance with this, you may ask the driver. We recommend that a passenger using a 3-wheel scooter transfer to a regular seat if they are able. We ask that front seats are reserved for seniors and passengers with disabilities. We may ask (but not require) passengers to move as a courtesy to others. Some CCPT buses are equipped with flip seats to make room for additional wheelchairs, we may ask that you move from these seats if another wheelchair position is needed. Per FTA Circular 4710.1 page 6-2, CCPT is not required to provide alternative transportation for a passenger using a wheelchair or mobility device if all securement locations on the bus are already occupied. We cannot require passengers to move from their seats.

Other Information

CCPT drivers announce the names of scheduled stops. Individuals with hearing impairments can call CCPT using TDD relay by calling 1(800)662-1220