Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get a bus schedule and route map?

  • Bus schedules are available at the Clinton County Planning Department and the CCPT facility on Arizona Ave. or directly from the bus drivers for $0.25. If you would like to see route information click here.

  • Do I have to be at a bus stop for the bus to pick me up/drop me off?

  • No. For the sake of timely service, whenever possible, please use a regular schedule fixed route stop to get on or off the bus. However, in most cases, the driver will be able to pick you up as long as you are waiting along the bus route. Keep in mind that the driver will not stop in an unsafe location to pick up or drop off passengers. For questions about where to get on the bus, please consult your bus schedule or call Clinton County Public Transit dispatch at 518-561-1452.

  • What are tokens and passes?

  • Tokens are worth $1.00 towards bus fare and can be purchased from the Clinton County Planning Office (Clinton County Public Transit Administrative Office) and/or other agencies.

    Passes come in different forms:

    The commuter pass costs $20.00 and gives the passenger $22.00 worth of bus rides. There are twenty-two $1 boxes around the outside of the commuter pass itself. The passenger presents their commuter's pass to the driver when they board the bus and the driver punches the appropriate number of boxes each time.

    The student pass costs $20.00 and requires proof that the person is a student at a school within Clinton County, such as a Student Identification. Student passes allow the student to ride the bus fare-free to/from schools within Clinton County during the month which it was purchased.

    The senior pass is free for persons of age 60 years or older who present proof of age at the Clinton County Planning Office (Clinton County Public Transit Administrative Office) or at the Office for the Aging. The senior pass allows the passenger to receive reduced fares for most CCPT services.

  • How do I catch the bus?

  • Simply flag the bus, like hailing a taxi.

  • What are the rules of the bus?

  • Refer to the "Travel Tips" page by clicking here.

  • Are the buses handicap accessible?

  • Yes, all CCPT buses are handicapped accessible.

  • Do the buses have bike racks?

  • Bike racks are available on select buses.

  • Where can I get trip planning or schedule information?

  • If you would like to know when a bus is going to be at a particular location or know which buses to use to get from one location or another, please call CCPT dispatch at 518-561-1452. You can also use our printed schedules. If you are a paratransit approved customer, please contact CCPT dispatch to schedule your paratransit trips.

    Bus Travel Terms

    Flag: Similar to hailing a taxi, if you see this in the schedule, it means that the bus does not stop at that location without being "flagged".

    Upon Request: This means that the bus will stop at the location if the passenger informs the driver and/or calls Dispatch and informs them that they would like to stop there. You will see "UR" used to stop locations that the driver will only stop at Upon Request.